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Development Strategy

To establish a new envirorrnent-friendly park by adhering to the road of sustainable development:
To be a park of science & technology innovation;
To be a park of cluster of emerging industry.

Development Direction
Innovative:to make innovations in mechanism and technology;
Hi-tech:to promote traditionali ndustries towards hi-tech, and hi-tech towards industrilization;
Pioneering:to encourage success  while  tolerating  failure;
Ecological:the harmony between man and nature;
Harmonious:to create wealth jointly and share the achievements together.

Industrial Development Focus
Optoelecronic information industry: LED,lC,IT and laser application;
Machinery manufacturing industry: speed up technological innovations to improve the existing machinery manufacturing industry. New equipent manufacturing is welcome.
Biomedicine industry:to develop life science oriented finished medicine and preparation.
New material industry:to develop composite materials, nano materials, semiconductor materials, new energy materials and new functional aterials.
High tech service industry:to develop top service industry, such as headquarters economy, finance and insurance, software development,  cultural creativities, and intelligent lnternet of Things.

Industrial space layout