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Jining,located   in  the  soutHwest  of  Shandong  Province, covers  an  area  of 11, 000 km2 and has a total population of 8,500, 000.  lt governs 14 divisions:Sh i zhong, Rencheng,Yanzhou, Qufu, Si shui, Zoucheng,    We i shan, Jinxiang, Yutai,Ji axi ang,Wenshang, Liangshan, Jining   National Hi-tech Park and tHe Northlake Resort.


Jining is the birthplace of Confucius and Mencius, giving birth to profound Confucianism.

THe Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal links nortH and south China tHrough waterway, blending different cultures in here.

108 Heroes once got togetHer and uprose in Mount. Liang during the Song Dynasty, showing the virtues of loyalty and righteousness.

The relics of Sakyamuni are enshrined in Baoxiang Temple, Wenshang County, with diversified cultures tolerated and integrated.

Weishan  Lake,   where  gulls  and  ducks  resort  among   lotus  flowers  and  reeds,   has  become  a
famous  ecological   place  for   leisure.  


Human  resource:Ji ni ng  has 5 un iversities  and  col leges  and  57  secondary  vocat ional  schools.  with  students  more  than  16000,thus cultivating a great number of skillful workers and research personnel. Influenced by Confucianism, they are highly praised  for  thei r technologi cal  profi Ci ency.   honesty,   loyalty  and  low mobility.

In  2012.  the  local  GDP  reached  to  RMB  318. 94  bi l l ion  and  the  tax  revenue   RMB 41. 29  billion:  the  number  of  the  industrial.

enterpri ses  above des ignated si ze  1551,  major  busi ness  income RMB 488. 47 bi l l i on:  the  retai l sales of soc ial  consumables RMB 13001  billion; the total  import and export RMB 5 12 billion,  and the actually received foreign capital 0 77 billion US dollars:as  many  as  39 World  Top 500  Enterpri ses  have i nvested  in  Jining.

Coal: its  reserve  reaches  26 bi ll ion  tons. The  annul   productj on  of  raw  coal  is 90 miIIion  tons. account ing  for  50%  of  that  of Shandong Province.

Power generation: the installed capacity is 10, 500, 000 Kw,  accounting for l/5 0f that of Shandong Province.

Freshwater: its reserve is as high as 6 billion m3, accounting for 17% of that of Shandong Province.

Grain:the total production accounts for l/10 freshwater products l/4. and animal products l/3 0f that of Shandong Province.


Top 100 Comprehensive Strength City in China.

The  City  with  Greatest  Potentials  and  Investment  Value  in  China.

City of Unique Charming of China.

National Garden City.

Excel lent  Tour ism City of  China.

National Model City for Scientific and Technological Progress.

National Model City of Social Security.