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New Materials Cluster

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National Industrial Base of New Textile Materials
 ●Ruyi Group: its high efficiency and short flow embedded composite yarn is the only one in the national textile industry that was granted with First Class National Science and Technology Progress Award.
 ●Morigin Yarn: its compact yarn technique won Second Class National Technology Invention Award.
 ●Wujie Science & Technology: the Quality and Technical Standard for Positive Electrodes for Li-ion Cells was adopted as  national standard,   and nickel-cobalt-manganese positive electrodes are regarded as national key & new products.
 ●Yuanhong Technology: its semiconductor patterned-sapphire substrate (PSS) is at a domestic leading level.
 ●Cathy Biology: it is the initiator and the world largest producer of long chain diacid and biological monomer.
 ●Record Pharmaceutical: it is the only production base of cation adsorbent resins in China;
 ●Basf-Hock: the high-tech mine support polymeric material was granted with Second Class National Science and Technology Progress Award for making a huge breakthrough for domestic coal mine polymeric chemicals.
 ●Fareast Technology: three-way ceramic exhaust gas discharge & purifying materials are applied to Euro V engines.
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