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Bio-pharmaceuticals Cluster

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National Base of Biomedicine
 ●Lukang Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.:it has tHe most complete GMP certified varieties and it is the only company in China owning production techniques for three major antibiotics parent nucleus (intermediates materials);
 ● Cisen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.:it is a comprehensive production enterprise of chemicals,including infusion solutions, hydro-acupuncture, sterile injection powder, tablets, paste, eye drops, and capsules. Adefovir, of independent research and development, is taken as a national  first-class new drug;
 ●Meiji:it is the domestic largest production base of colistin sulphate;
 ●Tsinghua Chengzhi:it is the domestic largest production base of L-glutamic acid;
 ●Huaneng Biotech: its new antithrombotic drug has been listed in the National Torch Program and awarded with a Golden Medal by the World Association of the Integration of Traditional and Western Medicine.
 ●Record Pharmaceutical:it is a producer of antibiotic, zymin and resins of independent intellectual property rights.

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