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Optoelectronic and IT Cluster

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National Base of Optoelectronics Industry
 ●Optical communication equipment: Intelligent Optical Commun ication Development Company  is mainly engaged in the research & production of the system for regional emergency corrmand & dispatch vehicles, CWOM broad-band wireless corrmunication system, mobile  optical communication system, and IP multimedi a system.
 ●Semiconductor industry: well-known enterprises such as Taiwan UMC, Epistar, and CWT jointly develop a complete LED chain from sapphire substrate materials to epitaxial wafers, chips,  packaging,  and end products.
 ●Information industry: world-class manufacturers such as Taiwan Unimicron strive to build a production base of PCB and compound  semiconductor chips.
 ●Laser application: Shandong Laser Research Institute is concentrating on R&D and application of technologies such as laser positioning. Optical fiber sensing and  laser fault  detection.

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