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Equipment Manufacturing Cluster

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1、National Base of Engineering Machinery

Manufacturers of complete machine include
 ●Shantui: heavy-duty horsepower bulldozer,with domestic market share over 60%.
 ●Komatsu-Shantui: heavy and middle-duty excavator, with domestic market share over 20%.
 ●Shantui Machinery: road machine, forklift, and rotary drilling rig
 ●Komastu Shandong: heavy-duty mining dump truck and excavator
 ●Strong Construction Machinery: heavy and middle-duty horsepower excavator

Spare and accessory parts include
 ●Endless track installati on, hydraulic system  assembly,  rotary system assembly,and drive system assembly.More than 60% of the parts can be locally manufactured, and the Base is thus considered as a most completf one in China for supporting engineering machineries.
2、Base of Automobile&Parts 
 ●Heavy-duty trucks base of Sinotruk;
 ●Special-purpose trucks base of China; 
 ●Auto parts base of Geely;
 ●Diesel engine base of Yuchai;
 ●Automatic gearbox assembly of DSI,Geely;
 ●Engine parts base of Eaton;
 ●Hydraulic system assembly base of Eaton;
 ●Car and truck tires of Pirelli; 
 ●Extruded aluminum alloy for vehicles of Yancoal;
 ●Auto cable system of Leoni.

3、Textile machinery
 ●Winder and twister of Savio.

4、Mine equipment
 ●Explosion proof electric  motor;
 ●Coal mining equipment and ground support products;
 ●Automatic control system for mine cartS.
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