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Talent Pool Platform

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Talent quality:receiving higher education and professional training, workers have the characteristics of specialty, technical proficiency and innovation.

Talent feature:nurtured by Confucianism, workers have the virtues of hard working, loyalty and low mobility

Talent cultivation:5 universities and colleges and 57 secondary vocational schools, with students more than 16000, cultivate a great number of skillful workers and research personnel.

Talent recruitment: a talent alliance has been established, with special funds of RMB1OO million used for talent recruitment, cultivation, talent union and exhibition of talents'achievements.

Talent introduction: top talents will be subsided on housing and R&D.

Talent training: Assistance such as training facilities, finance and teachers will be provided.

Talent reserve: a university park is established by cooperating with domestic prestigious universities,

combining the functions of R&D, scientific incubation and educational training.
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