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Natural Conditions

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Hydrology, Climate and Geollogy

Height above sea  level:  39m

Prevailing  wind  direction  nd  frequency:

In summer-SSE15,in einter-SSE11, and the whole year-SSE12

Air pressure: in winter-101Kpa, in summer-99.9Kpa

Outdoor wind speed:  in winter-3.3m/s,  in summer-3.1 m/s

Days with average temperature below +50C: 90d

Average temperature of days with average temperature below +5℃: -0.1℃

Average of maximum frozen earth depth: 39cm

Average of yearly sunshine: 2733.6H

Rate of sunshine:62%

Average relative humidity:  66%

Average annual rainfall:  740.7mm

Month with maximum average rainfall: July

Maximum daily rainfall (July 9,1965):177.1mm

Wind load: 0.4Kpa (40Kg/m2)

Snow load: 0.2Kpa (20Kg/m2)

The underground water level is about -1m, without any erosion to concrete

Stable water level: -2.2m,  -6m in dry season

Basic earthquake magnitude: 7

Land  load:12T/m2


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