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Structure and Supporting Service

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High-speed railway: The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway passes through, with a station built in Jining 5 expressways: Beijing to Shanghai, Beijing to Fuzhou, RizHao to Xi'an, Jinan to Guangzhou, Jinan to XuzHou 3 railways: Beijing to Shanghai, Beijing to Kowloon, Hong Kong, and Rizhao to Xi'an Ports: Port of Rizhao, Port of Qingdao and Port of Lianyungang Airports: Jinan International Airport and Jining Airport. Non-stop international flights to Japan, Korea,Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan and airlines to domestic large cities are available Inland water transportation: transportation ships can directly get to Hangzhou and the ports along the Yangtze River via the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal


Power Supply

The installed  power capacity of the whole city is  10,500,000 Kw. 2 transformer substations of 220KV and 5 transformer substations of 110KV have been built in the Park, thereby guaranteeing enterprises' needs for multi-power supply and highly reliable electricity

Water Supply

Located in one of the three largest regions of Shandong Province that are rich in underground water, the Park has 2 water plants of daily supply of 100,000 ton and l water plant of daily supply of 200,000 ton


Gas Supply
The popularity rate of natural gas is 100%,  with calorific value exceeding 9,000

Heat Supply

A mode of centralized heating is adopted. 3 thermal power plants have constructed in the Park The installed capacity is 220,000 Kw,  and the heating capacity is 320 ton/hour

A separate system for rain and sewage is adopted. All sewage in the Park is treated centrally and drained until it is up to the standard. The sewage treating capacity is 80,000 ton/day


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