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Wealth Center : finance & trade, business offices and corporate headquarters are gathered here business requirements of h igh efficiency, quality, new image and low cost.

Creative Center : with theme studios such as software development studios, education training studios, creative studios, production studios and products exhibition rooms, and related supporting facilities, the Creative Center can provide high quality service for digital animation, film & music entertainment, creative planning, industrial design, mediaintegration, software development, toient training, and so on.

University Science Park: the university science park will be established by cooperating with domestic prestigious universities, combining the functions of R&D, scientific incubation and educational training.

The Base of Industry, Education and Research: it sets up a platform for the cooperation between scientific research institutions and universities, and promotes effective transformation of research achievement into production.

Creative SOHO: it provides apartments for freelancers,graphic designers,creative designers and artists as well as office and living platform for top talents.

Science and Technology Center : it provides a platform to exhibit domestic and foreign scientific and technological achievements for share between technoiogical institutions and enterprises.

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